The Minister of SMEs and Employment Promotion Mr. Modeste Tihounté KEREKOU and the Director General of the Export Promotion and Investment Agency (APIEX) Mr. Laurent GANGBES visited in the morning of this Thursday, March 11 2021 the company ALPHA BÉNIN which produces pasta under the Matanti brand.

Established in the free industrial zone of Semè-Podji since 2011, the company employs 270 young Beninese.

The purpose of the visit, specified the Minister and DG APIEX, is to inquire about the difficulties and especially to explore together the avenues of solutions to alleviate the penalties which arise from various and varied factors.

The delegation was received by the promoter Ms. Fatme Zhein RIHARD who presented the different compartments of the production unit to her guests.

The Minister in charge of SMEs and DG APIEX after the visit to the industrial facility shared their impressions at the end of the discussion session they had with the promoter.

They have undertaken to report to the Government for the purposes of the due diligence to be done to remove the bottlenecks which hinder the extension of the industrial tool which should induce the increase in production and especially the estimated creation of jobs. three times the number of jobs already in existence.

On the occasion they appealed for the preference of consumption over local production.

Preferring and consuming local production in all areas is an act of good citizenship and economic patriotism, of support for the development and growth of local businesses that create wealth and jobs, suggested the Minister of SMEs and the Promotion of Employment Mr. Modeste Tihounté KEREKOU.


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Parce qu’il y a plus de bonheur à donner, qu’à recevoir, ALPHA BÉNIN SAS entend renforcer ses actions sociales et affirmer officiellement son positionnement d’entreprise sociale à travers la création imminente de la FONDATION ALPHA


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